Latoya Latty » Greetings


Welcome to a Great Year of Learning!
I am Miss Latty and I will be your child’s teacher for the school year 2023-2024. This is my 7th year working at Hardeeville Elementary School. My students are of utmost importance to me, and my goal is always to ensure that they work toward their potential.
As we enter into a brand new school year, I am anticipating all the outstanding things that will happen with our students!
There will be a great collaboration between parents, guardians, and the school community, and we will have a school year filled with POSSIBILITIES!
Keeping you in the know-:
Students are given a grade at least twice per week for all work school related, and this includes completing homework assignments.
The wearing of crocs is not a part of school attire.
Here are some expectations:
Students are to be on time and consistent to school, homework should be completed at all times by students with input from more knowledgeable other(s) (MKO), and parents/guardians are to be actively involved in every facet of the child's schooling.
One more thing... Please read with your children every day and have them read to you. Ask them questions about what was read!
Why? Because the more they read, the more they learn. Together we can!

Remember: “What the mind conceives and believes…it will achieve” -Napoleon Hill