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In the box above Is a beginning list of websites that I would love for you to explore with your first grader......
This webpage is a WORK in PROGRESS..... more items will be added for future reference....

We enjoy having fun WHILE learning. Whether it be in reading, math, science, or social studies... WE... READ, calculate….and sometimes eat during the process….but we are constantly learning new things.

Please make sure you visit the local libraries throughout the summer.

Keep a summer journal and write about your summer adventures.

We have worked hard to plant these seedlings, seeds and bulbs. My students have chores of watering and weeding the garden. BUT now we have a rabbit invasion.  The rabbits won't stop eating...... There will be no garden for my students to tend if the rabbits continue at this rate. They have completely consumed our Sweet potato plants and are currently eating our bean plants....  It's time for RABBIT STEW!
2018 First Grade Trip to the Aquarium

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