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This School Year Will Be Awesome

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20 November 2020


Dear parents and guardians,


Beginning Monday, November 30, 2020, all students will be 100% virtual. This means that all students will login Monday-Thursday from 7:55-2:15. From 1:45-2:15, students will attend Connect Time.

It is important that all students login daily and come to class prepared with their classroom materials, such as a pencil, crayons, paper or a notebook, scissors, and glue. Students are expected to follow virtual expectations put in place at the beginning of the school year including keeping their microphone on mute unless called on by the teacher, limiting cross conversations between students and families, dressing appropriately, and working from a quiet place with limited distractions.

The teacher will post assignments virtually for students to complete at home. Some of these assignments may be things you would need to print at home. We do realize not everyone has access to a printer, so if you do not, your child will not be penalized for the incomplete assignments. Once the assignment has been completed, we ask that you upload a picture of your child’s assignment to their backpack via the Class Dojo platform.

Below, you will find a tentative daily schedule which will outline what your child’s day will look like. This schedule is always subject to change in order to adjust to our students’ needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, Class Dojo, or ClassTag.






Arrival & Attendance

Please be sure your child has eaten breakfast before logging in. We will take attendance and go over any announcements needed to be made that day.


Morning Meeting & Calendar Time



Brain Break

Students will participate in music and movement videos and also be given a chance to use the bathroom and get water if needed.


Big Experience 1



Small Group Rotations and Independent Practice

Based on the day’s needs, your child will have a small group session with his/her teacher or have time to complete independent assignments.


Recess and Lunch Time

Take your child to participate in outdoor activities if weather permits. Please be sure your child has eaten lunch before logging back in.


Big Experience 2



Brain Break

Students will participate in music and movement videos and also be given a chance to use the bathroom and get water if needed.


Rest Time

Participate in quiet time activities (resting, reading, coloring)


Snack Time



Big Experience 3



Connect Time

Monday- Theater

Tuesday- STEM Lab

Wednesday- Computer Lab

Thursday- P.E.

Students login with the assigned connect time teacher daily.


Educationally yours,

The CD Team
Ashley Shelton (